About Me

Hi I work for a tree service company for a living and I’m a woman! I work harder than most men out there LOL

This blog is about the industry and the stories behind the most dangerous job in the USA next to crab fishing.

If you want to learn about the tree service industry I can teach you a lot as I have over 15 years experience climbing trees and working as ground crew. I have seniority in my crew at the moment working with an owner with over 35 years experience. Nothing is every easy in this profession, you always have to watch your back because every job is different.

On this blog I want to share with you the insights, the struggle of being a woman in a male dominated industry, I will answer the longtime question of whether woman can work just as efficiently as the man?  I will go into practical tips on how you can become a better tree climber, tree cutter, tree remover, etc.

You will see just how quickly you can take down 100 ft trees by incorporating math and geometry and physics. You will hear from the best of the best including myself with over 15 years experience and my owner who has over 35 years experience. This is an educational blog about tree removal and trimming like wikipedia and I hope to show you a lot and I hope you get a lot of benefit out of this blog. Thank you