A Real Sketchy Tree Job


What happened today was a fairly large oak tree had uprooted and was resting on the edge of a chimney of a clients house. The trunk was at least forty eight inches in diameter. Water weight is very high at this time of year, so we estimated the tree to be anywhere from thirty to thirty five tons. What we were really worried about was the tree suddenly falling and pulling the crane over, but we didn’t think that was going to happen because thirty five thousand pounds of rock solid tree weight wasn’t directly on the crane because it was still stabilized by the brick chimney it was leaning on. The problem was we had an on going argument over where to tie the hoists to pull it up. It sure was a tough one to figure out. Any thing could have gone terribly wrong at any time, but I was hoping that it wouldn’t.

The purpose of the crane was to stabilize the tree so we could take it all down. We were very anxious to get this done because the bricks in the chimney that the tree was leaning on were beginning to crack. All we could use the crane for was to stabilize the tree. It is so easy to second guess these jobs, the crane operator wanted to do one thing, and another guy wanted to do another. I was too overly concerned about putting too much strain on the trunk of the tree. From then on I knew it was going to be a very interesting job, because so much could go wrong. We began to do tree trimming it of as many troublesome branches as we could until sundown.

This was the end of day one, although they told us we couldn’t come back tomorrow, they told us that we could still leave our truck there. It was then up to me to figure out plan B to try to get this thing out of there. I was pretty upset about the whole job. We got all the brush off the tree but we still had tons and tons of weight up on the chimney it was leaning on. So day one was just the beginning of a real hassle.

Day Two

Well the crane company had let me down bigtime, I will never use that particular crane company again, so we are stuck now building an A frame we’re going to build a double support system. It had to be perpendicular to the log. I was really hoping that this would stabilize it enough so we could do it safely. We were relying entirely on the support of the chimney. One of our guys began to cut the notch to hold support. It was a very long day, I was shaking from exhaustion. This was such a horrible, horrible situation because all of the weight of the tree was leaning on the one corner of the chimney, It was beginning to crack all over the place.

I expected it to shatter into pieces any second at this point. I could tell that the tree did not really come down too fast, it came down quite slow and gently landed on the corner of the chimney. Luckily we had a bucket truck on the way so we could get it all out of there. The whole thing had our clients neighbor real worried and wound up. He came dashing out of his house and started asking us all types of questions about what was going on and why we were there. I could tell he was very scared, he even began to pray and offered to bless all of us.  No stump removal made it easier.

When I asked him what was wrong with him, he told me that he believed this was an act of the lord, and the lord was getting back at our client for being a bad person. When I asked him again about two hours later, he told me he thought that the tree was meant for him and his house. He was not helping at all in an already extremely stressful situation. To add icing to the cake, all the dogs began to bark throughout the entire neighborhood. Day two was also a nightmare.

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