Success with pruning apple trees


My Story

As a mother of four, and someone who lives out in the country, I must say that I truly enjoy my beautiful apples trees. They are so rich, ripe, and filled with positive things, that are beautiful, unique, fun, and they offer a real one of a kind look that really speaks to everyone’s heart, mind, and spirit. An apple tree can be and usually is a real blessing when it comes to something for everyone to enjoy, and something that will make everyone feel warm, cozy, and welcoming. It’s also a lot of fun to pick the apples as well, but when it comes to pruning the apple trees that’s a totally different story.

Successful tips

From my experience, I’ve learned that when it comes to properly pruning an apple tree, the important thing to remember is that it’s all about what you do, and not how you do it. After all, if it were all about how we do it, we might miss out on the opportunity to properly prune something accurately and in a correct and timely manner. It’s all about making sure that you get the best, and do the best when it comes to pruning an apple tree. One of the best tips, when it comes to pruning apple trees, includes pruning in very late winter, or very early Spring, and it involves a lot of detail going into every aspect of what you do as a whole. You also need to make sure that you get rid of any and all suckers, that may potentially surround the apple tree as well, because by doing so you can guarantee that you’ll have the most delicious and wonderfully tasting apples, that are tasty, terrific, and simply one of a kind. Suckers can stop the right kind of growth when it comes to your apple tree, and they can prevent you from getting what you want, when you want it, when it comes to a real quality apple tree that grows and bears good fruit.

Other things to remember

It’s also important to remember that when it comes to pruning that you need to make sure that you remove things like dead branches, whorls, rubbing branch’s, and more. By doing so you can guarantee that you can and will get the best when it comes to having a real quality look, and truly tasty fruit on your apple tree. Of course, it’s also important to remember that when it comes to pruning to look for any other obstructions or things that can and will prevent your fruit from growing properly, turning out right, tasting right, and a whole lot more. The last thing to know is that pruning is an art from, and it takes time, effort, patience, and of course a whole lot of commitment, but it’s well worth it. It’s well worth it, so that you can have great fruit, and a wonderful apple tree that everyone will love and truly enjoy.

Most great tree service companies know how to prune your apple tree if you do not want to do it yourself.

A Real Sketchy Tree Job


What happened today was a fairly large oak tree had uprooted and was resting on the edge of a chimney of a clients house. The trunk was at least forty eight inches in diameter. Water weight is very high at this time of year, so we estimated the tree to be anywhere from thirty to thirty five tons. What we were really worried about was the tree suddenly falling and pulling the crane over, but we didn’t think that was going to happen because thirty five thousand pounds of rock solid tree weight wasn’t directly on the crane because it was still stabilized by the brick chimney it was leaning on. The problem was we had an on going argument over where to tie the hoists to pull it up. It sure was a tough one to figure out. Any thing could have gone terribly wrong at any time, but I was hoping that it wouldn’t.

The purpose of the crane was to stabilize the tree so we could take it all down. We were very anxious to get this done because the bricks in the chimney that the tree was leaning on were beginning to crack. All we could use the crane for was to stabilize the tree. It is so easy to second guess these jobs, the crane operator wanted to do one thing, and another guy wanted to do another. I was too overly concerned about putting too much strain on the trunk of the tree. From then on I knew it was going to be a very interesting job, because so much could go wrong. We began to do tree trimming it of as many troublesome branches as we could until sundown.

This was the end of day one, although they told us we couldn’t come back tomorrow, they told us that we could still leave our truck there. It was then up to me to figure out plan B to try to get this thing out of there. I was pretty upset about the whole job. We got all the brush off the tree but we still had tons and tons of weight up on the chimney it was leaning on. So day one was just the beginning of a real hassle.

Day Two

Well the crane company had let me down bigtime, I will never use that particular crane company again, so we are stuck now building an A frame we’re going to build a double support system. It had to be perpendicular to the log. I was really hoping that this would stabilize it enough so we could do it safely. We were relying entirely on the support of the chimney. One of our guys began to cut the notch to hold support. It was a very long day, I was shaking from exhaustion. This was such a horrible, horrible situation because all of the weight of the tree was leaning on the one corner of the chimney, It was beginning to crack all over the place.

I expected it to shatter into pieces any second at this point. I could tell that the tree did not really come down too fast, it came down quite slow and gently landed on the corner of the chimney. Luckily we had a bucket truck on the way so we could get it all out of there. The whole thing had our clients neighbor real worried and wound up. He came dashing out of his house and started asking us all types of questions about what was going on and why we were there. I could tell he was very scared, he even began to pray and offered to bless all of us.  No stump removal made it easier.

When I asked him what was wrong with him, he told me that he believed this was an act of the lord, and the lord was getting back at our client for being a bad person. When I asked him again about two hours later, he told me he thought that the tree was meant for him and his house. He was not helping at all in an already extremely stressful situation. To add icing to the cake, all the dogs began to bark throughout the entire neighborhood. Day two was also a nightmare.

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Little Dash of Tree Service Guru Insights


Today I’m revealing some of the lessons I’ve learned in 25 years of doing tree service…

The Cutting process


The tree cutting process should be a process where you can guarantee that you’ll not only get what you want, but you’ll get something amazing, well put together, and a whole lot more. It’s important, it’s crucial, and it’s all about consistency, and this is key to remember. After all you do not want to have any type of tree cutting process or service that is poorly run, organized, done, or put together. Instead, you can, should, and need to remember that the process of cutting a tree needs to be thorough, on point, and well thought out. It’s all about precision, and execution of the cutting process itself. It’s also about making sure that you make the right kinds of cuts, so that you can and will get the best, when it comes to cutting the tree, and making it work right.

The End Result

Therefore, when it comes to having your tree cut, remember, it’s all about consistent, well put together, a job done right, and more. Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve, but instead make sure that you stay on point, and consistently well done, when it comes to the end result with tree cutting. Get the tree you want, with the cutting services you deserve.

Understanding tree trimming

When it comes to understanding and knowing the truth about tree trimming, the important thing to remember is that it’s all about organization, being structured, and on point, and making sure that you can and do get the best when it comes to your tree being taken care of, and looked after in the best possible manner. Tree trimming is also about having the right kind of look, style, feel, and knowing that it’s not about too much or too little being taken of as a whole. Instead, it’s about making sure that you stay on point, and are on point when it comes to your tree looking great, being great, and having the right kind of look after the trimming process is done.

Tree Trimming cost

Professional gardener pruning a tree

Professional gardener pruning a tree

Unlike things such as stump removal, and other aspects of tree trimming, it’s important to remember that when it comes to the cost itself of trimming a tree, that you need to know that it’s not only worth it, when it comes to making a difference in your trees look, but you also need to know that with look can and does come cost efficiency. In essence, you don’t have to spend a lot, in order to get the best, have the best, and know the best when it comes to your tree, and its look, style, and trimming quality as a whole. It is also important to take into consideration that when it comes to when it comes to the trimming process itself, that you’re not only trimming a tree, but you’re also making sure that you’re on point, so that you can and will get the best possible quality in general as well as affective cost. For that reason, it’s important to do, the right kind of cost analysis, so that you will get the best when it comes to tree trimming that not only works, but that is also real, good, positive, and that looks right as well. You truly deserve the best when it comes to proper tree trimming costs.

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Stump Grinding Process is Pretty interesting…


Stump grinding, or stump shaving as it is sometimes called, is a big part of the tree service industry. It’s one thing to have tree trimming done, or tree removal after a tree has fallen over, but tree stump removal is a whole different job. You can’t just take a saw to a stump and make it go away, because there are roots that go underground almost as far as the tree would have extended above ground.

Anybody who has had a tree removed at their home and was left with a stump in their yard knows what a pain it is to get rid of a stump. That’s why it’s not uncommon for homeowners to simply leave them there or turn the stumps to some ornamental or functional purpose rather than go through with the whole stump removal. That’s because stump removal, properly, requires a lot of digging and sawing which requires a lot of labor. That’s hours and hours the homeowner either has to perform or pay a tree service to perform, which is why stump removal is a bigger deal. To remove a tree trunk, an arborist often has to dig down at least six feet, maneuvering around the roots which are thick and often oddly shaped. Roots can also be difficult to cut. Also, all that digging makes stump removal a pretty dirty job that nobody wants to do.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding, or stump shaving if you please, is a different approach to tree removal in the tree care business. There is an actual machine that is designed for stump grinding or stump shaving which is about the size of a large push lawnmower and works much the same way, only instead of a horizontal blade that slices grass it has a more vertically-aligned sawblade that cuts into the wood of the stump. While performing this “stump removal”, the operator of the stump grinder can tilt the blade as needed to make cuts into the wood which kind of hack away at the stump. The arborist using the stump grinder would keep gnawing away at the stump until it has been shaved down below the surface.

Stump grinding, or stump shaving, is not complete stump removal because most of the tree’s root system remains intact after the job. However, the effect of the stump grinding is much the same because a stump shaver will dig down and remove enough of the wood so that there will be a hole in the ground where the tree once stood at least a few inches deep. After this small depression is made, soil and or sod can be placed over this area so when the tree care job is done there will be no visible evidence that a tree once stood there or a tree removal took place.

A homeowner looking to do this particular tree service job on their own could probably be able to rent a stump grinder, or stump shaver, from a hardware store or lawn equipment shop. Tool rental is a handy way for homeowners to perform their own tree care work, it is a much more cost effective way to do tree service or any other landscaping as a person who is not a professional arborist is not going to use these tools and equipment often enough to justify buying them.

Stayed to this blog guys, I’ll educate you on more tree knowledge!

Being super cool like Ronda Rousey


I will be talking about my experience with tree care companies on this blog, much of it will be brand new stuff you never knew about the industry but I will let you in on. For example, after doing tons of research and weighting my options and the pros and cons, I decided to try to get lash extensions about a month ago. I still have mixed feelings about them. Especially someone in the tree service industry not sure how well it will be accepted.

They make me look great, I have that flawless feeling that Beyoncé sings about when I wake up and have on no makeup and I look great enough to run out to the grocery store or gas station without scaring away all the little kids and some adults for that matter. The only thing is that they are kind of high maintenance. You have to keep a little mascara wand with you to brush them every now and then because they can get tangled. It’s almost like you have to constantly check to make sure your lashes look ok or risk looking like a cave woman with fuzzy caterpillars on your eyes and I assume it might be pretty painful if you just let them stay tangled.

I tend to toss and turn when I sleep and sometimes I would put a little crease on the side of my lashes, so that looked weird. But the worst part is when they start to grow out and shed with your natural lashes, you look really weird. You have these long, fluttery beautiful lashes that a huge gap where 5 or so have fallen out. I would definitely get them again because they make me feel so glamourous and effortlessly beautiful but they are an expensive habit to keep up. I had to pay $200 for my initial set and I was quoted $80 for the fill in where the lashes started falling out. It’s almost as much as I had to pay for tree services one time. Anyways most women get both top and bottom lashes then get fills every six weeks.

To be working for a tree care industry but still trying to be women the whole time might be pretty darn difficult but I refuse to give up my womanhood. I think girls like UFC Champion Ronda Rousey is very inspirational, breaking all barriers as  a female she is hot and she kicks serious butt.

Right now my budget is tight but I will always keep the beauty at forefront of my human needs as a woman!

You end up paying a pretty penny to look pretty and that’s not something I’m willing to do while I have my other bills, it’s not a priority for me like eating or having my lights on. They are addictive, you get addicted to the look and feel of them but I’ll stick to my $5 strip lashes from the beauty supply store until I can afford to look like the celebrities that frequently wear the lash extensions. They’re something good for a special event but not for everyday use for me. There a few cons that I took the risk with as well. I heard of people doing lashes without any formal training, just learning from YouTube or a friend and then buying supplies. The lash extension business is not something that is regulated by beauty laws yet, but it should be. Most people that apply lash extensions rent out their own studio and either only do lashes or supplement with makeup and waxing eyebrows. People are getting eye infections and losing their own lashes permanently because of lack of proper training. However, if you can find a good lash stylist, as they call themselves, definitely go for it. It’s a great experience and make for a great selfie booster without a filter!